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Freshman Guitars U.S.A

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We are the designers and manufacturers of high quality Acoustic and Electro Acoustic guitars.

You will find product information on all of our current ranges of guitars including the brand new 500 series.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our New Interactive Endorsee section, where you can browse exclusive video interviews and music from Artists such as No.1 selling artist Sandi Thom plus many others who are recording with our guitars.
If you require any further information then please contact us.

Freshman guitars are made from some of the finest woods available. Providing extravagant beauty and tonal qualities only found in other guitars costing thousands of dollars more. Detail of a Freshman guitar is painstakingly done with precision to give you the beginner or the professional a guitar of extreme excellence.

About Us

Ask around the music industry and it is the quality of Freshman Guitars that has helped the company make the sort of dramatic growth usually reserved for those introducing revolutionary products. But acoustic guitars? If ever a product was in over supply, surely it is the acoustic guitar? So, to the already intriguing, 'how did they do that?' mystery of Freshman guitars success, you need to add the even more mysterious question of how they did it with such a traditional and also ubiquitous product.

" We launched Freshman Guitars in 2002 and the reason why they have been so successful in such a short space of time is really just becasue we listened to what customers said that they wanted. It was obvious, before we started, that there was a segment of the acoustic market not being properly catered for. "

" Right from the start, the goal was quality. The product we offered had to be better, in our eyes, for the customer. We felt that we could bring something to the mid-range (sub 1000 Around $1920.00) of the acoustic guitar market, that was of a really high standard, that coudl really establish itself as a signifiacnt brand. "

" Loooking around at what was already on the market, and listening to what dealers were asking for gave us the inspiration, but to bring another acoustic guitar range to the market wouldn't have simply worked on it's own. "

" We went about it by looking at world leaders and quality brands and seeing how they do it, how they source their craftsmen, materials and so on, and we now do the same things. "

" We only use graded woods in Freshman Guitars, we have factory set-ups done, every single guitar is serial numbered for identification, and when the guitars arrive in the UK, they are inspected and set up again, so that they are in excellent condition tonally and from a playability point of view.
Now we are making available to you, here in the United States of America the Freshman Line of Guitars.
Pricing varies and with over 92 different models, and varieties of woods and colors, Freshman is guaranteed to please any Artist, Professional or beginning guitarist. There is always a Freshman that will fit the budget and demands and needs of todays musicians. Whether it's a 12 string cutaway or an acoustic bass we have it, and even left handed models.


Don't settle for second best try a Freshman Guitar.

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